Pedasi is a town situated on the south-eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula on Panama’s Pacific coast. It is located in the Pedasí District, in the Los Santos province. It is principally a fishing village with a population of about 2000 people.

Pedasí’s town boasts a public health clinic, two banks, a library, and a handful of restaurants, mini-supermarkets and small shops. The town is equipped with telephone and high-speed Internet service throughout. Pedasí is known for lively annual carnivals, pristine beaches, and activities such as sport fishing, diving and surfing, as well as its proximity to several of Panama’s national parks and preserves.

Pedasí town is a little more than three kilometers from the coast, where there are several sandy beaches.  The most popular are Playa Arenal, Playa la Garita, Playa El Toro, Playa Los Destiladeros and Playa Venao.


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